Digital Analytics

It’s about more than data, it’s about knowing what they all mean. Maybe you have a huge amount of sessions per month on your website, but what if the wrong people are coming. We know you’re making decisions based on your data, so we help you truly understand what’s happening before you act. With our Data Analytics you get:

  • Monitoring and tracking aligned with your business objectives
  • Customization and enhancement of your Google Analytics
  • Development and implementation of dashboards for traffic and download tracking

What it does

Digital Analytics defines the digital Key Performance Indicators (dKPI’s) tied to your specific business goals. You’ll know exactly what to look for in your reports and dashboards.

What it doesn’t do

Digital Analytics is not just another set of reports filled with data leaving you with more questions than actionable information.

How we do it better

We build custom client dashboards for you and update them daily. You get near real time visibility of the most important metrics across all your digital platforms–all in one place. 

Your primary contact is a member of our engagement team focused on the overall digital strategy and analytics for your business. Your engagement manager is Google Analytics Certified, monitors all your analytics against established dKPIs, develops insights and recommendations based on your entire digital ecosphere, and helps you fully understand the impact of your data. 

Our thoughts on it

What it supports

Get more valuable data for your Digital Analytics with by engaging our Web & Tech Services.

How it starts

Digital Analytics measures results. Our Digital Action Plan makes sure all your digital tactics are tied to your business objectives in the first place. Schedule a free, 15-minute consultation with our digital marketing experts to see if we are a good fit to help take your business to the next level.