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Peter is a 30-year veteran of the agency business and has been involved in Internet marketing since the early 1990s. He was also one of the first 100 people certified in the Google AdWords program in 2004. Peter’s experience brings together a unique combination of business development, account management, technology and strategic planning skills. Peter provides an active voice to the internet marketing community, blogging and writing for iMedia, presenting at an array of conferences (including MediaPost & iMedia) as well as providing specific sessions on social, search and other forms of internet marketing.

Analytics blindness and false expectations

2020-09-30T08:41:48-04:00By |B2B Marketing, Credit Unions, Digital Marketing, Nonprofit, Regional Banking, Search, Social Media, Web Analytics|

The other day I was thinking about how digital marketing programs often get caught-up chasing a metric that doesn't fully take into account the full picture and I was reminded of the parable of the [Read Article]

Using Social Media Targeting to Find Needles in the Foster Family Haystack

2021-01-28T11:33:49-05:00By |Digital Marketing, Events, Nonprofit, Social Media|

Presented at the 2018 AMA Nonprofit conference in Washington DC Session Overview With nonprofit marketing’s tight budgets, audience targeting can be dismissed as prohibitively costly despite its importance in ensuring solid results and high ROI. [Read Article]

Driving Credit Union Membership with Digital Marketing

2020-09-30T08:46:10-04:00By |Credit Unions, Digital Marketing|

Peter Platt presented the latest trends in how to use digital marketing to drive credit union membership at the CUNA M&BD conference  in San Francisco.  His presentation included: Financial Digital Trends Measurement Techniques Digital User [Read Article]

Millennial opportunities for local financial services organizations

2020-09-30T09:02:07-04:00By |Credit Unions, Digital Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Regional Banking|

There's a common misconception millenials don't want or care about having a local bank...they can do everything they need online.  However, the data suggests a different story. In a study released by the Harris [Read Article]

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