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Peter Platt, President

Peter is a 30-year veteran of the agency business and has been involved in Internet marketing since the early 1990s. He was also one of the first 100 people certified in the Google AdWords program in 2004. Peter’s experience brings together a unique combination of business development, account management, technology and strategic planning skills. Peter provides an active voice to the internet marketing community, blogging and writing for iMedia, presenting at an array of conferences (including MediaPost & iMedia) as well as providing specific sessions on social, search and other forms of internet marketing.

Digital Career Highlights

  • 1993 Developed the first web site (while at Saatchi & Saatchi)
  • 1996 Purchased banner ads/microsite on for Eastman Kodak
  • 1999 Ran online sweepstakes offers for NEC Technologies targeting B2B IT audiences
  • 2004 One of the first 100 people certified in Google AdWords
  • 2009 Joined iMedia Agency Summit Advisory Board
  • 2010 Spoke at 6 digital industry events
  • 2011 Formed Accountable Digital, LLC (Originally founded as PSquared Digital, LLC – Rebranded in 2016)

Speaking Experience

With over 30 years experience in the interactive space, Peter has a lot of opinions and ideas about this industry. His core areas of strength include Digital Strategy, Digital Media, Search and Web Analytics. View the Account Experience page for a better understanding of our vertical market experience.

If you’re interested in having Peter participate at an upcoming event, please send an email to or call 585-205-8185.

  • Using Social Media Targeting to Find Needles in the
    Foster Family Haystack

    AMA Nonprofit Marketing Conference (Washington, DC) July 2018
  • Increase Your Business: A Hands-On Google Analytics Workshop
    NextCorps Seminar Series (Rochester, NY) Mar 2018
  • Utilizing & Understanding Google Analytics
    Lorman (Webinar) Mar 2018
  • Driving Credit Union Membership through Digital Marketing
    CUNA M&BD Conference (San Francisco, CA) Mar 2018
  • How to use AdWords to Drive Sales
    NextCorps Seminar Series (Rochester, NY) Mar 2018
  • iMedia ASPY Awards (Advisory Board Chair & Host)
    iMedia Agency Summit (New Orleans, LA) Oct 2017
  • Digital For Good: Search and Display Marketing
    Causewave (Rochester, NY) June 2017
  • In-house Migration of Programmatic Buying
    DigiDay Programmatic Summit (Scottsdale, AZ) May 2017
  • Utilizing & Understanding Google Analytics
    Lorman (Webinar) Mar 2017
  • Advanced Features and Functions in Google Analytics
    Lorman (Webinar) Dec 2016
  • Driving Business with SEO
    AMA Roundtable (Rochester, NY) Oct 2016
  • iMedia ASPY Awards (Advisory Board Chair & Host)
    iMedia Agency Summit (Austin, TX) May 2016
  • Utilizing & Understanding Google Analytics
    Lorman (Webinar) Mar & Sept 2016
  • iMedia ASPY Awards (Advisory Board Chair & Co-Host)
    iMedia Agency Summit (Los Angeles, CA) May 2015
  • Take10: How to drive new business with SEO
    MarketingProfs Nov 2014
  • Intro to Google Analytics
    SCORE/SBA (Rochester, NY) Oct 2014
  • Social Media for Law Firms
    Association of Legal Administrators (Rochester, NY) Oct 2014
  • Marketing for B2B: (Moderator)
    Digital Rochester (Rochester NY) Sept 2014
  • Online Advertising: Attracting Buyers, Not Just Browsers
    Marketing Profs Retail Conference (Virtual) July 2014
  • Take10: The 4 Most Important Reports in Google Analytics
    MarketingProfs Jun 2014
  • Using Video in Digital Marketing
    Digital Rochester (Rochester, NY) May 2014
  • Intro to Google Analytics
    SCORE/SBA (Rochester, NY) May 2014
  • iMedia ASPY Awards (Advisory Board Chair & Co-Host)
    iMedia Agency Summit (Austin, TX) May 2014
  • Trends in Google Analytics
    American Marketing Association (Webinar) Jan 2014
  • Going Mobile: Marketing to Mobile Audiences (Moderator)
    Digital Rochester (Rochester, NY) May 2013
  • ASPY Awards (Co-Host)
    iMedia Agency Summit (Austin, TX) May 2013
  • Understanding Google Analytics
    Rochester Professional Consultants Network (Rochester, NY) Jan 2013
  • Start Making Money with the Internet
    Timber Framers Guild, Eastern Conference (Washington, DC) Oct 12
  • Sneak A Peak – Digital Strategy Expert
    American Marketing Association (Rochester, NY) Oct 12
  • Measuring the success of your firms Internet Presence
    Monroe County Bar Association (Rochester, NY) Sept 12
  • De-Mystifying Web Analytics and the Marketing Mix
    Creative Collaboration Group (Rochester, NY) July 12
  • Panel: Google It! (Moderator)
    American Marketing Association (Rochester, NY) Mar 12
  • It’s the People Stupid
    RAF 20 Mins & a Beer (Rochester, NY) Apr 11
  • Rant: Seriously, Still With the Click?
    iMedia Agency Summit (Phoenix, AZ) Dec  10
  • Panel:  I’m With the Brand: Is Ad Net Inventory Ready to Lift the Right Metrics?
    OMMA AdNets (New York, NY) Nov  10
  • Panel: Is Google Taking Too Much Credit
    OMMA Global (New York, NY) Sept  10
  • Webinar:  Marketing Strategies that Captivate Today’s Social Media Audiences
    Alterian Social Media ROI Series (Online) July 10
  • Panel: Simplify the Stack: Fighting the New Cost and Complexity of Media Buying
    OMMA AdNets(Los Angeles, CA) July 10
  • Agency Day Presentation: Just what are you measuring anyway?
    Point/Counterpoint – Can you build brand with digital marketing only?

    iMedia Agency Summit (Austin, TX) May 10
  • Panel: Internet Marketing in the Nutrition Industry
    Nutrition Business Journal Annual Summit (Dana Point, CA) June 09
  • Panel:  Agency Buying Trends
    iMedia Agency Summit (Palm Springs, CA) Dec 08
  • Panel: Staffing Challenges
    iMedia Agency Summit  (Austin, TX) May 08
  • Search Marketing for Non-Profits
    Blah, Blah, Blog
    Ad Council Annual Luncheons and Academy presentations (Rochester, NY)