What’s Next?

What's Next GraphicShould you or shouldn’t you?

  • Is there a new digital technology or platform you’re dying to try?
  • How do you get started, and more importantly will it return results?

Our What’s New? program was designed with these types of initiatives at the forefront – without diverting your strategy or significant budget or time requirements. At Accountable Digital, we continue to invest in staying ahead of the curve and we’re now offering these learning opportunities to our clients.

How it works

  • Identification
    What’s the opportunity (and how it relates to your business goals/objectives) and what are we trying to learn? What metrics are important?
  • Test Strategy (Rapid Prototyping)
    Development of an initial test strategy aligned with key learning success metrics
  • Implementation
    Execution of the strategy with a three-month timeline
  • Key Learnings
    Upon completion of the program a detailed report and analysis of the initiative is provided

Timeline & Budget

The total project time-frame is 4 months with a fixed cost of $5,000 (includes all services and fees).

Limited Availability

There are a limited number of slots available for What’s Next projects. Please contact us to check in on scheduling. If we can’t fit you into our current schedule we’d gladly consider your project for the next available time slot.

Project ideas and opportunities

Just a few to get your mind flowing. If you’ve got an idea, contact Peter Platt to start a discussion.

  • Impact of Mobile on B2B Audiences.
  • Geo-fenced micro audiences for response
  • Fishing for new target audiences
  • Microdonations through social media

We are here to help!

If you’re thinking about implementing digital marketing efforts for your business, or just have some basic questions, we’d be happy to setup a 30 minute discussion with our experts. We’ll help you understand the technology, identify resource requirements and share some of the learnings and insights we’ve gained.

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