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Purchases generally don’t happen the first time a prospect is exposed to your brand. Prospects need nurturing as the flow through the buying cycle, and they want to do it at their own pace based on their own needs. Marketing automation enables the ability to automate and customize interactions to help prospects make informed purchase decisions while easing the burden on sales and marketing teams. The end result is improved results through shorter sales cycles, more informed prospects and visibility into the effectiveness of your marketing and sales efforts.

Marketing Automation is not just for B2B

Business to business (B2B) marketers were the early adopters of marketing automation as it ties in nicely with an overall strategic sales approach, we’ve seen marketing automation success in business to government (B2G), and longer sales cycle business to consumer (B2C) sales cycles as well. Marketing automation can also be extremely effective in customer retention as well as generating repeat and incremental sales for short sales cycle purchases.

Measuring what matters

Besides the actual automation aspects (see next section) one of the most significant benefits marketing automation provides is the ability to derive marketing intelligence from your initiatives. It’s every marketer’s dream and desire to run an ad and have that prospect convert directly, most prospects don’t take a linear path to conversion – there are stops along the way that impact your results. With a properly configured marketing automation platform, you’ll gain visibility into your consumer buying cycle – be able to identify what’s most effective. Maybe it was your blog post, search visitors (paid or organic), social media initiatives, your email or even your ad campaign that made the difference.

Workflows and Pipelines

This is where the hard work of marketing automation occurs, but also the place you see the most direct benefit. While there are some pretty significant nuances, from a basic perspective we like to think about workflows as the marketing focused efforts and pipelines as the sales focused efforts. They each do different things, but work hand in hand together focused on the end goal of generating new business.

The Marketing Automation Action Plan (MAAP)

Marketing automation is incredibly powerful, but can also be incredibly complex. There’s an array of vendors, integrations and solutions to consider, and there’s really no such thing as a one-size fits all solution. Our Marketing Automation Action Plan helps you get started on the right path, identifies all the resources and provides an executable technical and content implementation plan.


We are here to help!

If you’re thinking about implementing digital marketing efforts for your business, or just have some basic questions, we’d be happy to setup a 30 minute discussion with our experts. We’ll help you understand the technology, identify resource requirements and share some of the learnings and insights we’ve gained.

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