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Being first shouldn’t be your goal

We’d all love to be at the top of a search results page…but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting any business from those listings. At Accountable Digital, we focus on the traffic you get from search engines and what those users do when they get there. The goal of search engine optimization should be getting more qualified traffic from search engines.

No one likes change (except us)

Google changes their algorithm between 500 and 600 times per year (that’s roughly 2x a day). Content is the most critical component for successful search rankings, but there are an array of other aspects that drive success in organic search. There’s no “one fits all” solution and you definitely can’t “set it and forget it”. Organic search tactics differ based on industry, user behavior, current site resources, CMS, and business goals.

Getting Started: The Search Action Plan (SAP)

Our search engine optimization service process starts with an in-depth analysis of where you search traffic comes from, looking at competitors and identifying quick wins to jump start your activity. The Search Action Plan is a one time project to get you started which can then morph into an ongoing support program to based on your needs.

  • Review of current search traffic and competition
  • Focus Phrase & Keyword Research
  • SEO Quick Wins Recommendations 

 Ongoing Support Services (Optional):

Monitor & Recommend

You do the work, we help you focus on what’s important and keep you up to date on your progress.

Monitor & Assist

Great for smaller sites, or working with your IT team who has limited time for implementation. We work alongside your team to handle implementation and monitoring.

Monitor & Manage

Great for when you just need it done. The Accountable Digital team takes the lead on aspects of SEO, we make the changes, keep you updated on trends and, as always, provide detailed reporting on the results of what we’re doing.

Service offerings: