Social Media Marketing

Likes aren’t a success metric

People spend a huge amount of time on social media, but it’s an evolving world with an ever changing array of tools and platforms. However, with that said, just because everyone is doing it, doesn’t mean it’s the right place to run your marketing message. As the centerpiece of social media is human interaction, we look at social opportunities from several different aspects.


The most important component in social media is to listen to what people are saying. As the old adage goes, we have 2 ears and 1 mouth…so listen twice as much as you talk. The key to understanding what you should do in social comes from listening/watching/reading what’s going on before you jump in.


Be present, without taking over. Social Media advertising fits into this option. Much like billboards at a stadium, the idea behind this strategy is to engage prospects in their environment without stealing the stage or trying to interfere.


With a facilitate approach, you strive to provide opportunities for discussion and help generate conversation around related topics. Much like the corporate sponsored network events, when you help facilitate conversations among audiences you build presence and thought leadership within the community. Blogs are a great example of how you can facilitate a conversation.


Participation in social media is an art unto itself. While knowing what to say is step 1, knowing how to say it can often be more important. We believe strongly that internal voices (i.e. client staff) are the best and most authentic ways to participate. Our team can help guide you on what topics to cover and how to respond.

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