Digital Marketing Analytics

Analytics is not the same as reporting.

There are a lot of reports generated by digital marketing. Almost everyone has some form of web activity tracking enabled, but do you really know what you’re looking at?

What do the numbers mean?

This is probably the most important question you need to ask when you look at reports. A high number of sessions per month on your website may be a great thing – but what if you’re getting visits from the wrong audience…someone who will never do business with you? Are those wasted sessions? Are you making business decisions on the right data?

At Accountable Digital, we focus on defining digital Key Performance Indicators (dKPI’s)  that relate to your specific business goals.

The difference between an Engagement Team and an Account Team

At Accountable Digital, your primary contact will be a member of our Engagement Team. As opposed to traditional account managers, our engagement team is focused on the overall digital strategy and analytics for your business. Your engagement manager monitors your analytics and develops insights and recommendations based on your entire digital ecosphere. They are all Google Analytics Certified, they know what data is important to you and will help you understand the impact.

Google Analytics: Basic, Premium and other services

Almost everyone has Google Analytics installed on their site nowadays. You can’t beat the price (it’s free), so why should you use their premium version (or Adobe Analytics/Omniture)? One simple reason: if your site has too much traffic for the free version of Google Analytics, you’ll need another solution. There are other reasons too (complex eCommerce or database applications), if you’re not sure what the right solution for your business is, contact us. We’d be happy to review your environment and make suggestions.

We are here to help!

If you’re thinking about implementing digital marketing efforts for your business, or just have some basic questions, we’d be happy to setup a 30 minute discussion with our experts. We’ll help you understand the technology, identify resource requirements and share some of the learnings and insights we’ve gained.

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