ConnectCMO Virtual Conference Session: Driving More Leads

Do you need to improve the effectiveness and response of your digital efforts?

Check out our recorded session from the ConnectCMO Virtual Summit on April 29:

Accountable Digital, Peter Platt - B2B - Forget What You Know About Web Submissions and Get More Leads from QUARTZ Events on Vimeo.

This session includes suggestions to improve your digital efforts through:

  • Understanding lead stages
  • Improving your web forms
  • Providing more options for interaction
  • Targeting the right audience
  • Aligning sales and marketing tools

If you have questions about the presentation, please contact Peter Platt.

Upcoming Events:

Live Webinar: Thurs June 25th 1:00 PM (EST)

The Digital Customer Journey is Not a Linear Path

In this session, we’ll take a look at how customers engage with businesses digitally, and discuss how to identify the opportunities for conversion.

Much as we’d like it to be, the path to purchase isn’t a linear path. There are a lot of steps before conversion, many repeated throughout the process until finally your web visitors take the action you desire. In recent months, prospect/customer behavior has changed even more for all businesses. Whether you’re a local retailer (no/limited in-store shopping), a B2B service provider (no trade shows), or a non-profit that provides essential services (huge demand), your business has changed – and it’s time for your marketing to change as well.

In this session we’ll share insights (and data) about the changes in digital activity that have happened locally, regionally, and globally over the last few months. You’ll get a better understanding of the new user experience and we’ll share an array of digital strategies and tactics you can implement.


As featured in our presentation at the ConnectCMO Virtual Summit, this calculator tool will help you plan and identify opportunities that can improve your marketing effectiveness. Simply enter a few key numbers and the tool shows you where you can focus to generate more leads, online sales or interactions with key prospects.

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