Are you ready for B2B digital marketing challenges to come in 2021?

Business to Business marketing efforts are expected to shift dramatically in 2021.

While COVID has impacted all areas of business in the last year, B2B is facing significant changes in how they market going forward. Tradeshows have long been the mainstay of B2B marketing – and in recent years travel budgets have been reducing attendance and current COVID travel bans are making both buyers and sellers take a closer look at how they do business (Check out our article on how to succeed with virtual trade shows for tips on improving your results).  In addition, the longer term trends of B2B moving away from traditional trade publications and the impact of mobile technology on B2B research is making marketers re-evaluate their marketing strategy and mix.

You need an experienced partner in B2B

Our history is built on B2B. Our founder Peter Platt spent the 1990’s working at Saatchi’s US B2B lead office (he led the team that created the first website in 1993). Niche B2B target audiences are often hard to find, but when you do, the paybacks are significant. We understand the nuances of how to target unique audiences and help you drive response from the most qualified prospects.

Using Paid Search to find B2B audiences

Search marketing can be one of the most efficient ways to capture prospects in market for your products and services. As a certified Google Partner, our our experience media team and can help you find the right keyword set that B2B audiences use. “Batteries” might be a great term for a consumer audience, but “Li-Ion Battery” will garner response from battery engineers.

Marketing focused on business results

Impressions, clicks and form-fills aren’t business metrics. We measure success on what’s important to your business. Digital is about more than just your web presence – you need to understand data across platforms starting at the impression all the way through to your sales management tool for proper attribution.

So whether you manufacture nanoparticles, RFID devices, handle payroll, or have a new to market product nobody is even aware of, we can help.

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