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Engagement, Activation, and Administration

Our structure is a little different than most.

  • Our Engagement team offers more than just account management. They help design and monitor your overall digital strategy. They focus on ensuring you have the right mix of digital activities to help your business be more successful.
  • Our Activation team does more than execute campaigns. They are responsible for channel specific strategy and keeping up on the latest opportunities from our existing digital partners and seeking out new opportunities to help your business grow.
  • Our Administrative team is just as important in your success. The administrative team makes sure everything flows smoothly and provides stewardship to ensure media billing matches budgets and expectations – making sure there are no surprises.

Flexible Teams – filling the gaps instead of duplicating

Our team brings together a wide variety of technical and digital marketing skills including web development, search (Paid and SEO), analytics, mobile, online media, social and more. Our virtual teams are customized to avoid duplication and mesh with your organization. If you have a talented developer on staff, we’ll use them; if you need a Joomla expert, we can provide one.

We flex to meet your needs and ensure that everyone is focused on the same goal – your business success.


Our team is focused on digital marketing – that’s all we do. Our founder, Peter Platt, got an early start in digital marketing, as part of the team that developed the first Dupont.com website in 1993. He bought his first banner ad in 1996, and was one of the first 100 people certified in AdWords. All of those experiences, is what prompted him to start Accountable Digital with the vision of measurably improving clients’ business through the use of digital marketing.

Want to partner with us?

At Accountable Digital we’re always on the lookout for talented digital companies and professionals to add to our virtual teams. To be considered, please submit our partner request form so we can setup an initial discussion to see how our companies can work together.