Accountable Digital recognized at Causewave Annual Celebration

Accountable Digital was thrilled to be recognized at the Causewave Annual Breakfast on May 11, 2017. Accountable Digital won the Chairman's Award for their work to help bring a digital media opportunities into the Media Bank. Working with Causewave and local publishers, non-profits can now take advantage of digital media opportunities provided to Causewave. In addition, [...]

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PSquared Digital Renamed Accountable Digital

Rochester, N.Y., May 1 – Digital marketing firm PSquared Digital, LLC has changed its name to Accountable Digital, LLC. “Digital marketing should focus on delivering business results, instead of technology or the latest internet fad,” says Peter Platt, the founder and president of Accountable Digital.  “Our core focus is on helping clients be more successful using digital [...]

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Small business spotlight: PSquared Digital maximizes digital maze

Think back, if you can, a generation or so ago when the local cable company was advertising its soon-to-come upgrades. “Digital,” the woman in the ad said, almost seductively. Not many of us knew then the vast changes that siren call had in store. Now, of course, we do. Peter Platt was at the cusp [...]

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PSquared Digital Named Bionic Agency of the Year

Companies are constantly coming up with ingenious ways to integrate workflow automation. These impressive advancements resulted in the creation of the Bionic Agency of the Year award to recognize the advertising agency that has made the most significant improvements in workflow automation technology that reduces non-working media costs, improves results for advertisers, and increases job satisfaction for [...]

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Peter Platt has PSquared focused on digital growth

Since its inception, digital technology has spawned the onset of reactionaries who may believe that receiving a thousand clicks means their website is humming right along. "More often than not, when we ask companies what digital does for their business, they don't know," said Peter Platt, president of PSquared Digital. "A lot of people talk [...]

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