5 reasons your brand doesn’t need Facebook

Originally published in iMediaConnection.com on August 29, 2012. Facebook is the darling of the social media world. Everybody's there, so your brand has to be there. Or does it? While most brands are desperately trying to develop a Facebook strategy and build their presence and "likes," the reality is that a Facebook presence isn't the [...]

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“Where” may be more important than “who”

This blog cross-posted at¬†iMedia Connection on March 30, 2012. Finally, we can now safely say that the year of mobile has arrived. According to Nielsen, 50% of US mobile phone users now have smartphones. Looking at your web analytics you’re probably seeing upwards of 5-10% of your traffic coming from mobile devices (for some industries [...]

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Is your search traffic really helping your business?

Originally published in iMediaConnection on February 1, 2012. Most people are pretty happy when they take a look at their web site traffic and see that a large share of traffic coming to their site from search engines. The natural reaction to these numbers is likely to be “Isn’t this great? Look at all these [...]

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4 ways you’re annoying your online audience

Cross-posted with iMedia Connection on October 7, 2011. As marketers, we strive to ensure that our messages capture our prospect’s attention, encourage them to consider our offerings, and in the end make a purchase. But sometimes we lose sight of what’s important to the very people we’re trying to motivate and our ads cross the [...]

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10 reasons to hate the click

This blog cross-posted at iMedia Connection on July 18, 2011. As online marketers, we’ve long touted the benefits of online marketing as being the most measureable form of advertising. While in theory there is some validity to the argument, the reality is we spend most of our time focused on a relatively insignificant data point [...]

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